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WGN Channel 9 - Ray Rayner and His Friends - "A Visit From Buster Crabbe" (1980)

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Here's another cool clip from Ray Rayner salvaged from the dustbin of history! This one features a visit from the original "Flash Gordon," Mr. Buster Crabbe.

As the tape starts, Ray mentions that Buster had also played Buck Rogers at one time, and will be appearing the next day (March 29th) at 8:00pm and also on Sunday, March 30th at 2:00pm at the Northwest Federal Community Center, 4901 West Irving Park Road, and that recognized charities are asking for $3.00 donations, and t...

One Life To Live (Commercial Break, 1980)

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Here's a complete commercial break (for those of you who like your FuzzyMemories contiguous) for One Life To Live. Includes:

One Life To Live bumper (music and voiceover - by George Ansbro)
Diet Pepsi
Jif Peanut Butter
Coast deodorant soap - The Eye-opener
One Life To Live bumper (music only)

20/20 quick promo - "Presidential Brothers in Hot Water" also the Democratic Convention

Homer's Furni...

WBBM Channel 2 - Partial Commercial Break (1976)

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Here's a partial commercial break as aired on WBBM Channel 2 - what show it was during or at the end of, we do not know. Includes:

Tail end of Bicentennial Minute with Darren McGavin (formerly of Kolchak: The Night Stalker) (ending voiceover by Ernie Anderson, with sponsor billboard for Shell gasoline)

CBS "Eye" ID (voiceover by Don Robertson)

Commercial: Kentucky Fried Chicken - with voiceover (by Jerry Harper) offering lunch speci...

WBBM Channel 2 - The 20th Annual Chicago Emmy Awards (Part 1, 1978)

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The transfer of this video clip made possible by your generous donations!

This is a tremendous find - not only do we have another (mostly) complete Chicago Emmy Awards telecast - this one from the 70s - as part of the 20th Anniversary they decided to have a retrospective of the local TV stations! So we get to see some footage, slides and pictures, which apparently at this point in 1978 were not yet thrown out or forgotten by the TV stations. (Some of the clips or bu...

WFLD Channel 32 - The Rifleman (Last Break - Partial, 1971?)

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Here's a partial excerpt of the last commercial break (in black and white and then switching to some color) from an airing of an episode of The Rifleman on WFLD Channel 32. Includes:

Dancing Dawn Doll (This time in color!) (incomplete)

Really quick flash of Joel Daly on the WLS Channel 7 news.

Flip to the ending of an episode of Gilligan's Island - if this was 1971 it would be on WGN from 5:30 to 6pm, which fits it with the ending time of the Rifle...

WLS Channel 7 - Friday Night - "Steve & Garry" (Part 6, 1981)

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In honor of Steve Dahl's new foray into the world of Podcast Broadcasting (which begins today - check out for more info) - here is a vintage Steve & Garry appearance on WLS Channel 7's Friday Night with Jay Levine.

Part 6 features Steve and Garry again discussing the fine line between satire and bad taste, Steve putting to rest a persistent rumor, plus a complete commercial break - including:

WBBM Channel 2 - 1985 Chicago Emmy Awards (Part 6, 1985)

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Here's Part 6 of the (mostly complete) 1985 Chicago Emmy Awards broadcast.

This part features a musical salute to prime-time television by the Dick Marx Orchestra (Dynasty, Hill Street Blues, and Dallas), Mary Ann Childers, Rich Koz (with a Warren Freiberg reference to this event from the previous month), Irv Kupcinet, another Frank Chambers reference as producer of The Bob Lewando...

WBBM Channel 2 - New Year's Eve: Chicago Style (Part 2, 1979/1980)

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Here's Part 2 of "New Year's Eve: Chicago Style" - a special on WBBM Channel 2. Unfortunately, the recording starts during a commercial break and we miss the first 10 minutes or so of the broadcast - still, lots of local fun in this one. :-) This part includes:

Mayor Jane Byrne and her husband Jay McMullen arrive at State & Randolph while John Coughlin narrates the "action". Longtime WGN TV and Radio veteran Roy Leonard can be seen as the MC of the event down on the stage.

WSNS Channel 44 - Al Lerner Sports - "So Long..." (Part 1, 1971)

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Here's Part 1 of the final episode of Al Lerner Sports on WSNS Channel 44. Lerner was the station's first sportscaster, and would go on to a long career with such stations as WLS Channel 7, WMAQ Channel 5, WGN Radio 720 and WSCR-AM, as well as being a wrestling announcer. Also featuring a young (and at this point, moustacheless) Tim Weigel, then a sportswriter for the now-defunct Chicago Daily News, who himself would become a familiar face on Chicago television, working for all three...