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Son of Svengoolie - "Boogie-Woogie Bogeyman of Berwyn"

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Here is the Son of Svengoolie song "Boogie-Woogie Bogeyman of Berwyn". Not sure on the year, early eighties.

Starring Rich Koz as Son of Svengoolie and Doug Scharf as Doug Graves playing some swingin' trumpet.

WBBM Channel 2 - "Magikist Wedding Proposal" (1985?)

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Here's a (mostly complete) news story from WBBM Channel 2 regarding one man's wedding proposal by use of Magikist sign.

Features Bob Wallace reporting, groom-to be Andy Parker and bride-to-be Dianne Flowers, Magikist, Inc. President Will Gage, Bill Kurtis and Don Craig.

Not sure when this aired exactly, but I believe it was in 1985.

Son of Svengoolie - "Vampire Carpets" (1980?)

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Here is "Vampire Carpets" - a parody of Empire Carpets from WFLD Channel 32's Son of Svengoolie.

Starring Rich Koz as the Vampire Carpet Man.

Not sure when this sketch was first aired. Likely 1979 or 1980.

WFLD Channel 32 - Son Of Svengoolie - "The Eye Creatures" (Opening, 1984)

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Here is the open of WFLD Metromedia Channel 32's Son of Svengoolie presenting the movie "The Eye Creatures". Also includes a promo for Taxi.

This was from Show #249.

Starring Rich Koz as Son of Svengoolie.

This aired on local Chicago television Saturday, April 28th 1984.

WLS Channel 7 - AM Chicago - "The Chambers Sisters" (Brief Excerpt, 1980?)

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Here is a brief segment of AM Chicago which aired on WLS Channel 7 featuring twins Kathleen Chambers and Colleen Chambers.

Interviewer is Sandi Freeman. Kind of neat you can see the old AM Chicago set with the audience - you can also make out the stained glass logo in the background.

Also featuring Dottie and Ethel, and June and Jan Picaro (?).

Not sure when this aired, but I'm sure Frank could tell us the year - 1980?

WNIB 97.1 - "Mr. A News Report & Show Open" (Aircheck, 1997)

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Here's an aircheck from good ol' WNIB Classical 97 - featuring the inimitable "Mr. A" (Alfred Hudgins) - one of the most unique and coolest announcers ever.

We hear the end of "Adventures in Good Music" with Karl Haas followed by a News Report, Weather, and some of the opening music to Mr.A's program, "Blues in the Night". ("Love to See You Smile" by Bobby "Blue" Bland)

This aired on local Chicago radio in April 1997.

WCIU Channel 26 - Beisbol '86 With Ozzie Guillén (1986)

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Here's an episode of Beisbol '86 in Spanish featuring future manager Ozzie Guillen of the White Sox on WCIU Channel 26.

Hosted by Ruben Amaro.

Also features a Spanish Miller Lite commercial at the end and a promo for Beisbol '86.

This was Show #46 and aired on Monday, June 23rd 1986.

Son of Svengoolie - "Trick-or-Treat Blues" (Break 3, Show #172)

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Here is break #3 of WFLD Channel 32's Son of Svengoolie show #172.

Includes the song, "Trick-or-Treat Blues".

Not sure of the year exactly - early eighties.

Starring Rich Koz as Son of Svengoolie and Doug Scharf as Doug Graves, the piano player.

WFLD Channel 32 - Keyfax Nite-Owl Service (Part 2, 1982)

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The second 10 minutes of the Keyfax Nite-Owl Service program from August 25th, 1982 as broadcast on Channel 32 WFLD in Chicago.