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WSNS Channel 44 - The Beatles Cartoon (Commercial Breaks #3, 1982)

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This aired on local Chicago television Wednesday, June 2nd 1982 or Thursday, June 3rd 1982.


Aerobic Dancing! with Sharon Barbano (Afternoon Delight, indeed) (Ending voiceover by Jack Reynolds)

"The Idols of Rock & Roll" record offer with Fabian (plus secondary main voiceover by Les Marshak and ending voiceover by Jack Reynolds) (NOTE: The snippet of Paul Anka's "Diana" is from his 1963 re-recording for RCA Records - which offered this set...

WSNS Channel 44 - The Money Movie - "China Gate" (Break #1, 1979)

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Here's some rare footage from another long-lost local movie show - "The Money Movie" on WSNS TV-44! The movie presented on this day was "China Gate". TMM was similar in concept to Dialing for Dollars. Viewers (mostly lonely housewives and old people from what it sounds like) would send in post cards with their name and phone number, and the host would call them live on the air during the movie breaks to see if they could answer some trivia questions. They answered an easy preliminary ques...

WSNS Channel 44 - Monster Rally Movie - "Opening Outtakes" (1976)

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From the vaults, here is a set of outtakes and bloopers from the opening for Monster Rally Movie on WSNS Channel 44, with host John Dickinson attempting to nail his intro for the show, along with some fun crew hijinks Includes:

(Opening, Take 1) - We had seen this already in a previous clip which was found on a different tape.

(Opening, Take 2) - This was the take used for

WSNS Channel 44 - Popeye with Steve Hart - "Viewer Mail" (1975)

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Here's the "Viewer Mail" segment of Popeye with Steve Hart which aired on WSNS Channel 44. This was from the original master tape, recorded on August 12th 1975. Includes:

Steve welcoming everybody back to the show, joined by the puppet "Bookie Worm" who advises this is Mail Day on which viewer mail is read; he says he will pick five winners, with the sixth to be invited to the lighthouse if they send a letter with the words "I Watch Popeye on Channel 44." Before readi...

WSNS Channel 44 - Popeye with Steve Hart - "Farkus Melby, M.D., D.D.S., Ph.D." (1975)

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Here's a funny sketch from Popeye with Steve Hart on WSNS Channel 44, with Mr. Hart appearing as "Farkus Melby, M.D., D.D.S., Ph.D." (the title of which spoofed that of the 1969-76 medical drama Marcus Welby, M.D. which starred Robert Young and James Brolin), and Nancy Boyle as the nurse who serves as his assistant.

The voiceover (by Bob Hoffmann?) starts off this skit by mentioning that Dr. Melby, the "Challenger of Modern Medicine," is "back from the State Pen [...

WSNS Channel 44 - Chicago Wrestling with Bob Luce - Ben's Auto Sales (Sponsorship Tag, 1980)

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Here's a sponsorship tag at the end of an airing of Chicago Wrestling from Ben's Auto Sales - 5858 South Western Avenue featuring Bob Luce, legendary wrestling promoter and pitchman.

Bob also teases a Wrestling event at the Hammond Civic Center, Saturday, October 18th 1980 at 8:30pm (doors open at 6:30!) between Bruiser and Brody (?)

Background music is the Disco Star Wars Theme by Meco

WSNS Channel 44 - White Sox Baseball - "Disco Demolition Promo & Harry Catches a Foul Ball" (1979)

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Here's an incredible twofer - 1) A live voiceover promo given by Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall for the infamous Disco Demolition event that took place the following night. Little did they know what was about to occur. They talk about Lorelei and how for some reason WLUP's call letters don't make sense to them.

2) Amazingly, right after they are done talking about WLUP, Greg Pryor pops up a foul ball behind him and Harry goes after it with his trusty fishing net and catches ...

ON TV - Adults Only - "Russ Meyer's SuperVixens" (Opening, 1981)

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Here's another transition from regular ON TV Subscription Television programming to the "Optional Service" of Adults Only mode, which was presenting the movie "Russ Meyer's SuperVixens". (this immediately followed the presentation of "Alien".

Quality on this one is better than "The World of Henry Paris" intro from before. There is a bit of a technical difficulties moment however, when the Adults Only opening animation tape gets screwed up and we see black for a bit. Notice, ...

WSNS Channel 44 - Monster Rally Movie - "Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural" (Partial Bumper #3 + Partial All Night Movies Promo, 1980)

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Here's one of the few glimpses yet found of a show that a lot of people remember and have requested footage of - Monster Rally Movie! This aired on WSNS Channel 44 and reportedly had it's own host - a mysterious figure in a creepy costume. Here we get to see another partial commercial bumper from the show - the only type of footage (other than the movie itself) known to exist currently. We also get to see (most of) another one of those great, spooky TV-44

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