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KWHY Channel 22 - SelecTV - "WHY Sign-Off?" (1982?)

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Here's a station sign-off for KWHY Channel 22 in Los Angeles - the SelecTV station in the area for the time.

Not sure when this aired exactly - anyone know? The movie preceeding the sign-off was "The Hills Have Eyes".

WTTW Channel 11 - Station Sign-Off (1984)

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Here's a station sign-off from WTTW Channel 11. Includes:

Thomson Vacation sponsorship slide with Marty Robinson voiceover

WTTW Station Sign-Off with Don Ferris voiceover

National Anthem with some nice scenes of Chicago

Particularly busy static and fuzz.

This aired on local Chicago TV early Monday, September 10th 1984.

ON TV (Station Sign-Off, 1981)

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Here's the ending of the ON-TV presentation of the film "Avalanche Express" on WSNS Channel 44, followed by the station sign-off (voiceover by Mal Wyman).

This aired on local Chicago TV early Thursday, May 21st 1981.

WLS Channel 7 - "Reflections, Sign-Off, & Anthem" (1981)

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Here's Reflections, Station Sign-Off, and National Anthem for WLS Channel 7. Includes:

Reflections with Fr. Joseph E. Corrican, Our Lady of Mount Carmel - "The Difference Between Heaven and Hell"

Station Sign-off (voiceover by Wayne Atkinson)

The Star-Spangled Banner



This aired on local Chicago TV early Wednesday, February 25th 1981 at about 3am.

WMAQ Channel 5 - Meditations, Sign-Off, & Anthem (1984)

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Here's the sermon segment Meditations on WMAQ Channel 5 followed by the station sign-off and national anthem. Also preceeded by a WMAQ "The People's Court" bumper promo and ending with some static.

The pastor during Meditations is Rev. Richard (Dick) D. Ahlberg of the First Evangelical Free Church. Voiceover for the Station Sign-off is Ed Grennan. Music used for Meditations is "Last Dance" by Chuck Mangione.

Wow, who knew - 2-16-84 was Judgment Day? Do...

WFLD Channel 32 - Partial Sign-Off & America The Beautiful (1989)

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Here's a WFLD Fox 32 Sign-off (incomplete) Includes:

Sign-off script (Jim Barton announcing) (incomplete)

WFLD Fox 32 Animated Logo

America the Beautiful

Color Bars with Time and Date

This aired on local Chicago TV early Sunday, December 17th 1989.

WFLD Channel 32 - "Oh Jeez - Look At The Time..." (Sign-Off, 1988)

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Here is a really brief station sign-off from WFLD Channel 32. We see the ending of a Ma & Pa Kettle movie (Ma & Pa Kettle at Home, based on the cast), Latenight 32 ending (with the circa 1984 Metromedia-era logo), the Fox 32 logo animation, and a quick cut to color bars with date and time. No national anthem or anything - must have been too late. zzzzzzz

This aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, July 22nd 1988 @ about 5:10am!

WBBM Channel 2 - Partial Anthem, Sign-Off, & Bars (1978)

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Here's a clip that's pretty rare - Includes the ending of the National Anthem (recording starts late for some reason), the Station Sign-Off (with voiceover by Jerry Harper), about 24 seconds of black, and then color bars on WBBM Channel 2. Watch during the color bars for a on-screen ID and voiceover. (different announcer)

Also includes a cool "color-lightning" station ID animation before the color bars. (Voiceover by?)

This aired on local Chicago TV in 1978. ...

WLS Channel 7 - FBI Bulletin, Reflections & Station Sign-Off (1979)

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Here's an FBI Bulletin, Reflections and Station Sign-off from WLS Channel 7. Includes:

WLS promo for the "new" 3:00 Movie - "Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?" (voiceover by Dick Tufeld) (was this during a trial period of the 3:00 Movie? Or only done for the purpose of airing a 2 hour movie instead of an hour and a half one?) (why did they wait another whole year before officially switching the time?)

FBI Bulletin (voiceover by Wayne Atkinson) for...