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FuzzyMemories "Field Communications Style" Bumper

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A mock bumper in the style of the Field Communications animated ID.

Concept by Rick Klein, animation by Jason Katzwinkel.

WMAQ Channel 5 - "You", Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart (Promos, 1982)

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Here are some promos from WMAQ Channel 5 - "You", with Warner Saunders (cut off at beginning), Mary Tyler Moore, and Bob Newhart.

(Note - The quick edit from the "You" promo to the MTM promo was like that in the original broadcast. This sequence of promos is exactly as aired.)

These promos aired on local Chicago TV in February of 1982.

ABC Network - "Madeline's Lucky Golden Christmas Company" (Promos, 1983)

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Here are some promos for ABC Network shows including Just Our Luck, The Leprechaun's Christmas Gold, Three's Company, and Oh Madeline.

Voiceover by Ernie Anderson with time and day annoucement at end by ??.

These promos aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, December 18th 1983.

WMAQ Channel 5 - "We're Movin'" & "You" (Promos, 1982)

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Here are a couple of promos from WMAQ Channel 5 - "We're Movin'" starring Scott Baio and "You" with Warner Saunders.

Funny, I can't seem to find "We're Movin'" on Scott Baio's page - do you think he's trying to hide something? ;-) I don't know if this was locally produced or syndicated or what.

These promos aired on local Chicago TV in February of 1982.

FuzzyMemories Launch Trailers (2007)

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Happy Fuzzy Anniversary! It was 4 years ago today that the website launched. Since then we have shared many fun memories and made a lot of neat discoveries. I can promise you one thing - there is more to come!

Here's a look back at a couple trailers I made leading up to the website launch. My God, It's Full of Hubris. ;-)

From Rick: My sincere thanks to everyone who helps out with the site and makes it even better than I could have alone - including, but not lim...

ABC Network - The Bionic Woman (Promos & End Credits, 1976)

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Here's a promo for the next episode of the Bionic Woman, followed by some ABC Network promos, the end credits of The Bionic Woman. Includes:

Promo for the next episode of The Six Million Dollar Man - "Kill Oscar (Part 2)"

ABC Network Promos for Welcome Back, Kotter, Barney Miller, The Tony Randall Show, and The Nancy Walker Show. (Main voiceover by Ernie Anderson, ending voiceover by Ed Jordan)

End credits for The Bion...

CBS Network - The Incredible Hulk (Ending & Promos, 1977)

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Here is the ending credits to an episode of The Incredible Hulk (with voiceover promo for Circus of the Stars and Universal logo) followed immediately by CBS Network promos for M*A*S*H, One Day at a Time, and Lou Grant.

Voiceover during end credits for The Incredible Hulk by Bob Hite, famous as the voice of the "CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite" from 1972 until his retirement in 1979.

Voiceover during CBS Promos by ??.

This aired on local Rock...

ABC Network - "Barney & Carter" (Promos, 1979)

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Here are some ABC promos for Barney Miller, Carter Country and 20/20.

Voiceover by Ernie Anderson with time and day annoucement by Wally Parker at end.

This promo aired on local Chicago TV on Tuesday, June 5th 1979.