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Recommended Links

Robert Feder

Robert Feder is simply the best media reporter - check out on his daily blog.

Chicagoland Radio & Media

Scoops, info, and discussion about TV & Radio in Chicago.

Chicago Episode Guides

A special section of the useful epguides.com website, focusing on some well-known Chicago TV shows, maintained by our friend and contributor John Lavalie.

TCMediaNow.com - "Media in the heart of the nation"

Tom Oszman's labor of love - you can think of it as a FuzzyMemories for the Twin Cities. If you like this site, you'll like his!

Cubs By the Numbers

Friend of the Museum Kasey Ignarski wrote a great book on the Chicago Cubs and has this new site to go with it.


The place to buy official Svengoolie merchandise, rubber chickens, as well as other cool horror-related stuff.

Creature Features by Dan Siciliano

A very nice tribute site to WGN's Creature Features program, by our friend Dan Siciliano

Svengoolie's Official Website

The place to keep up with the opinions and appearances of your favorite 'goolie...

The Video Veteran - Chicago TV History Site

Steve Jajkowski's excellent indepth site covering a lot of the early history of Chicago television.

The Dirty Dragon

The Official Site of Bill Jackson - Creator of Cartoon Town, B.J. and the Dirty Dragon, and Gigglesnort Hotel.

Last Hand, a novel by Tom Price.

"Take a journey back to a bygone era before laptop computers, digital TV, and cell phones and experience the carefree summer days of the 1970s, attend public school, enjoy holiday traditions, ride along on a summer road trip, and sit in on a game of the all-but-forgotten (but once popular) game of pinochle."
Set in the 'burbs of Chicago - a suggested read for any FuzzyFan.

Relevant Sound Files (right-click, select "Save Target As")

Garfield Goose and Friends Theme Song

"Monkey on a String" by Ethel Smith (original source for most of Garfield Goose Theme)

Jack Shaindlin - "Pie in the Face" (Theme song for Andy Starr's Three Stooges program)

Screaming Yellow Theatre (Original Svengoolie) Theme Song (Link Wray's "Rumble" with screams added)

Clutch Cargo (opening of an episode with theme music)

WGN Movie Greats Theme Song (circa early 1981) - Excerpt of Weather Report's "Birdland"

FM 100 Music at 9pm - Dick Hyman Trio - "Moritat" (Theme from "The Three Penny Opera") (1956)


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What do we accept as a donation?

1) A monetary donation is gladly accepted, and will go directly toward many worthwhile needs such as obtaining new vintage tape collections, purchasing & refurbishing old video tape players, website hosting fees, web design and programming fees, blank DVD-Rs, storage fees for our tape archives, etc...

2) Any old tape recordings off of Chicago TV made in the '70s up until the mid-eighties that you might have. Ideally, with all or most of the original commercial breaks intact, although if you have a program that is important in itself, such as Bozo's Circus, or some other locally produced program, then commercials are not necessary. We are currently accepting anything (and we do mean *anything* - news, sports, TV shows, movies, TV sign-offs, boring junk that only we'd find interesting, etc...) - we are putting our official cut-off date as 1985, although obviously the older the material the more interest it would be to us. (if you have something more recent than 1985, you can e-mail us anyway - we may still be interested in it!) Note: If you don't want to give up your original tape, we will gladly transfer it to DVD for you so that you can hold on to the original.

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