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WGN Channel 9 - The Groovie Goolies and Friends (Opening & Break, 1980)

Here's the opening for The Groovie Goolies and Friends on WGN Channel 9, followed by a commercial break. Includes:

WGN "Last Farewell" animated station ID (voiceover and time check by Bob Bell)

Opening of The Groovie Goolies and Friends (the main show was originally run as part of Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies, which aired on the CBS Network from 1970 to 1971, and then aired on its own from 1971 to 1972); this umbrella also includes Lassie's Rescue Rangers (which aired on the ABC Network from 1973 to 1975), The New Adventures of Gilligan (which aired on ABC from 1974 to 1976), My Favorite Martians (which aired on CBS from 1973 to 1975), M-U-S-H (an animated spin-off of M*A*S*H), Fraidy Cat, Wacky and Packy (the last three aired as part of the short-lived Uncle Croc's Block on ABC from 1975 to 1976), and The New Adventures of Waldo Kitty (a repackaging of The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty which aired on NBC from 1975 to 1976). (voiceover by the founder of Filmation Associates, Lou Scheimer)

"We'll Return After These Announcements" bumper (with Groovie Goolies clip) (voiceover by Len Johnson)

Commercial offer for the marriage advice books "If Only He Knew: What No Woman Can Resist" and "For Better or for Best: Understand Your Man," both written by Gary Smalley and Norma Smalley - Only $12.95 - Not Available in Stores - "Money Back If Not Delighted"

"Now Let's Return to The Groovie Goolies" bumper (with another Groovie Goolies clip) (voiceover by Len Johnson)

Opening moments of Lassie's Rescue Rangers episode

This aired on local Chicago TV in February 1980 during the 8am to 8:04am timeframe.

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This clip aired in February 1980, and is included in the following categories:

Viewer Comments

Chapters such as "Where Have All The Feelings Gone?" (Long Time Passing) ;-)
Comment posted by FuzzyMemories on Tuesday, September 27th 2011 at 7:38pm.

"Hey kids! Are your parents arguing all the time? Maybe you should get them these books!"

Did Gary and Norma have a kid named Stuart? ;)

Comment posted by afdave on Wednesday, September 28th 2011 at 8:09am.

What a great commercial to air during a kids cartoon, eh? I'm surprised the little tykes wouldn't have fallen asleep. (If Lassie's Rescue Rangers wasn't enough to do this already)
Comment posted by FuzzyMemories on Wednesday, September 28th 2011 at 10:06am.

In a way, airing that commercial on a kids' show would be no different than if they aired 'Scooter Score' type ads or commercials for Medicare or hawking some drug whose name resembles the surname of a Mafia boss on such a program today.
Comment posted by W.B. on Wednesday, September 28th 2011 at 11:07am.

When did they stop making cartoons based on sitcoms?
Comment posted by DJBender on Wednesday, September 28th 2011 at 12:28pm.

When they started making sitcoms based on cartoons.

I'm surprised they had any time for a Groovy Goolies cartoon with all that other stuff....

Comment posted by HUdson 3-2700 on Wednesday, September 28th 2011 at 1:22pm.

LOL, I know, the way it kept going and going, it felt like an SNL spoof.
Comment posted by afdave on Wednesday, September 28th 2011 at 8:24pm.

The breakdown for this series: 16 Groovie Goolies episodes, 13 Waldo Kitty episodes, 17 Lassie episodes, 24 Gilligan episodes, 18 My Favorite Martians episodes and 18 Fraidy Cat/M.U.S.H./Wacky and Packy episodes for 104 programs. Some of the familiar voices on the show: Larry Storch, Howard Morris, Allan Melvin, Robert Ridgely, Kenneth Mars, Jonathan Harris, Ted Knight and five original cast members of Gilligan's Island.
Comment posted by Phantom on Wednesday, September 28th 2011 at 9:34pm.

Speaking of spoofs . . . Benny Hill used to parody show opens of the type as exemplified here, on his comedy/variety specials.
Comment posted by W.B. on Thursday, September 29th 2011 at 6:39pm.

WGN aired this show early Sunday mornings until September 1984.
Comment posted by Phantom on Thursday, September 29th 2011 at 7:16pm.

The voice over in the opening credits of "The Groovie Goolies and Friends" is done by the founder of Filmation himself - Lou Schiemer!
Comment posted by Dth1971 on Saturday, October 1st 2011 at 10:29pm.

Voiceover for show opening segment added to clip description.
Comment posted by W.B. on Saturday, October 1st 2011 at 10:48pm.

You're right, Dth1971. Filmation did create those cartoons for Groovie Goolies, along with 'Fat Ablert and the Cosby Kids', and 'He-Man'.

I remember watching 'Waldo Kitty' when it was on NBC on Saturday Mornings. It used live cats and dogs for the show. In it, Waldo would daydream about being a certain hero (Lone Ranger, Capt. Kirk, etc.) while figuring out how to outwit the evil bulldog, Tyronne. The cartoon would then show in his daydream. I used to love that show.

Comment posted by Loyal32Fan on Monday, October 3rd 2011 at 10:10am.

"Waldo Kitty" was essentially an anthropomorphized version of James Thurber's "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." I think it was due to this issue that the title was changed for this "GG&F" umbrella.
Comment posted by W.B. on Monday, October 3rd 2011 at 10:33am.

Here is the link to the opening theme to Waldo Kitty: http://youtu.be/k0qfdvstwYI
Comment posted by Loyal32Fan on Tuesday, October 4th 2011 at 10:20am.

I do have to ask, though: Given that "The Groovie Goolies" first aired (as part of a block with "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch") back in 1970, could Jerry G. Bishop have gotten the inspiration for the "Svengoolie" name from that show, given how the spelling is?

Secondly, is anyone sure the voiceover is Lou Scheimer? His partner in Filmation, Norm Prescott, was a Boston DJ before he, Scheimer and Hal Sutherland formed the company in the early '60's.

Comment posted by W.B. on Wednesday, October 5th 2011 at 12:49am.

R.I.P. Lou Schiemer, founder of Filmation.
Comment posted by Dth1971 on Saturday, October 19th 2013 at 11:44am.

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This clip debuted on FuzzyMemories.TV on Tuesday, September 27th 2011.
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Comment posted in WBBM Channel 2 - Channel 2 Weekend News (Part 4, 1978) by Burr-Rabbitt on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 at 8:33pm CT

I forgot about the Sugar Twin commercial!!!

Comment posted in Celozzi-Ettleson Chevrolet - "Where You Always..something something" (Commercial, 1981) by Burr-Rabbitt on Monday, April 2nd, 2018 at 7:05am CT

I'm laughing at the person that said that dude will probably break your legs if you missed "dis munt" payment!!!

Comment posted in WMAQ Channel 5 - NewsCenter5 Update (1978) by W.B. on Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 at 5:34pm CT

Here is what I mean by WNBC Channel 4's protocol for sign-off news (and sign-offs in general) as of 1979. Bill Rippe was the newsreader (and voiceover). That is what I mean by their newscast slide on sign-off news as "WNBC-TV News." Mr. Rippe and others at the time characterized such sign-off editions as "a report of late news, sports and weather from NewsCenter4."

Comment posted in Chewels Gum (Commercial, 1982) by Burr-Rabbitt on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 at 6:01pm CT

Good one!! @hpkid, that was really well put!! I miss Jewel's!!

Comment posted in WLUP - The Loop FM 98 - "Baby Boom" (Commercial, 1984) by LaPrincess on Monday, March 12th, 2018 at 5:03pm CT

I was watching Windy City Live this morning and Mancow was on. Whether one likes him or not, he said something that resonated with me and he said it wasn't that surprising. He then mentioned rock is pretty much dead and he sadly might have a point. Look at most of the most popular acts today, how many are actually "rock"? I'm not sure. Even if one believes there is still a format, listen to new rock stations. I mentioned this on Facebook to a few of you, but I've been listening to Q101 more and more and so many of the bands today sound like bands of yesteryear. I mentioned that I thought two songs were done by Duran Duran but they weren't (nothing against Duran Duran, I love them, but we don't need bands that sound like them when they are still around). Rock music is becoming more cookie cutter. Yeah other genres are worse (country and rap are vile), but I expect more from rock because it's bands playing their own instruments and writing their own songs. I am what is called a rockist, and make no apologies. I don't really like mainstream pop or hip hop or country or most of today's music. I like alternative and classic rock, I love guitar and drums.

Comment posted in WLUP - The Loop FM 98 - "Baby Boom" (Commercial, 1984) by ArmitageNLowell on Thursday, March 8th, 2018 at 12:10pm CT

Well, it's been a great 41 years.

If the sale/demise of The Loop isn't evidence that terrestrial radio is on the decline, I do not know what is!
Looks like the only area classic rock stations left (as of this date) are The Drive (97.1 and 96.9 FM) and The Fox (103.9 PM).
I guess this is because of the rise in popularity of on-line radio services like AccuRadio (my personal favorite), Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeart, Sirius/XM (pretty good if you have the money), etc. that pretty much has some advantages over terrestrial radio: less commercials, less talk, and some services can let you listen to stations from "out of market" which gives listeners more choice.
The listeners as well as the personalities are aging!
Times they are a changing!
Don't be sad that it is over...
Be glad that it was there and you were a part of it!
Thanks, WLUP/Loop.

Comment posted in WLUP - The Loop FM 98 - "Lorelei's Rock Show" (Commercial, 1980) by VintageCanada on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 at 5:56pm CT

Oh, and the price tag for WLUP's sale? $21.5 million.

Comment posted in WLUP - The Loop FM 98 - "Lorelei's Rock Show" (Commercial, 1980) by VintageCanada on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 at 5:55pm CT

As everyone in Chicago knows now, WLUP has been sold to a Christian-based company, and by now, the classic rock era of this station has come to an end. Heard about the news this morning.

Comment posted in WFLD Channel 32 - M*A*S*H (On-Screen ID, 1981) by Szake on Sunday, March 4th, 2018 at 9:12am CT

David Ogden Stiers (October 31, 1942-March 3, 2018)

Peoria, Illinois born actor, voice actor and musician David Ogden Stiers has passed away at the age of 75. More recently known as Reverend Gene Purdy on "The Dead Zone," Mr. Stiers was also the narrator for "American Experience" and voiced cartoons such as Lilo & Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, Beauty and the Beast and other Disney projects. Here he is as Major Charles Winchester on "M*A*S*H" from season 8, episode 22 "Dreams" which originally aired on CBS (locally WBBM-TV channel 2) on February 18, 1980 and rerun on WFLD Channel 32 on September 9, 1981.

Comment posted in WFLD Channel 32 - Son of Svengoolie - "Tomb of Ligeia" (Promo, 1984) by W.B. on Friday, March 2nd, 2018 at 3:06am CT

Wonder if any of the Metromedia stations ran "SoS" in a manner not too dissimilar to some Field stations when that company ran 32 (think WKBS Channel 48 and KBHK Channel 44) . . . I know, given the movie skeins New York's WNEW Channel 5 had on Saturdays (including "Drive-In Movie"), they would've never aired "SoS" . . .

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